Municipal Ordinances

Municipal Ordinances are living documents that are changing all the time. Any updates will be made as the Ordinances change.

Ordinances are the Town’s laws and rules for our community. Please click on any of the below links to veiw the current Ordinances.

Index of Ordinances

Chapter I General Provisions 1-1-1 thru  1-1-10

Chapter II Administrative Organization 2-1-1 thru 2-11-2 

Chapter III Finances  3-1-1 thru 3-3-8 

Chapter IV Elections and Recall  4-1-1 thru 4-2-11

Chapter V Municipal Court  5-1-1 thru 5-2-14

Chapter VI Licenses and Permits 6-1-1 thru 6-1-16 

Chapter VII Rooming Houses  7-1-1  thru 7-2-7

Chapter VIII Peddlers and Solicitors  8-1-1 thru  8-1-11 

Chapter IX Watershed Designation  9-1-1 RESCINDED

Chapter X Building Regulations  10-1-1 thru 10-7-12

Chapter XI  Animals and Fowl  11-1-1 thru 11-4-10 

Chapter XII Collection of Refuse and Garbage  12-1-1 thru 12-2-8 

Chapter XIII Water Service  13-1-1 thru 13-3-17 

Chapter XIV  Sewer Service  14-1-1 thru 14-1-6

Chapter XV  Public Facilities  15-1-1 thru 15-4-10 

Chapter XVI Street Naming and Numbering  16-1-1 thru 16-1-5 

Chapter XVII Public Peace, Morals and Welfare  17-1-1 thru 17-30-120  

Chapter XVIII  Nuisances  18-1-1 thru 18-1-14 

Chapter XIX  Fireworks  19-1-1 thru 19-1-8

Model Traffic Code

Amended Ordinances:

Sidewalk Ordinance

Sign Ordinance 

Zoning Requirments: