Trustee James Roberts

Trustee James Roberts (1)

Trustee James Roberts


I was born in April of 1943 in Denver, CO.  Shortly after my birth, my family moved to Monte Vista, Colorado, where I grew up.   In 1941, I went into the U.S. Navy.  After serving in the Navy, I returned to Monte Vista and married Barbara Hunt Roberts in 1966.  
In 1978 my wife Barbara and our children,  Mike and Lorrie moved to Hotchkiss, Colorado where I farmed and worked for the City of Delta.  During this time, I left the City of  Delta and went to work in the Coal Mines.  When the Coal Mines closed and laid of 250 miners, we lost our farm and went through hard times.  I decided to go to California to work, leaving my wife and children behind to finish out the school year.  They joined me later. 
While in California, I worked for a concrete company for 5 years.  With the Rodney King riots going on, I decided it was time to move back to Hotchkiss for a peaceful atmosphere.   Upon returning to Hotchkiss, I  worked for Tri County Gravel for the next 6 1/2  years, drove truck  for Savage for 1  1/2 years, then went to work for Western Gravel out of Montrose.  I  helped build a gravel pit in Austin, Colorado  where I drove a cement truck for 10 years.  Once the cement plant closed I worked for Kent Cotton for the next 2 years.  
I have since semi- retired and drive a truck for Fransworth, ECO Construction and Joe Pitt when needed.
I have served with the Hotchkiss Fire Department as a firefighter and I sat on the Board of Directors for the the District, retiring from the Fire Department in 2012. I am also a member of the North Fork Ambulance Company, where I volunteer as a driver.  I started on the Town Council April 2012 for a 4 year term. My current term will be completed in April 2020.


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