Goodbye and Hello to mayors, trustees and staff

April 12, 2018 was a time for changing the guard at the Hotchkiss Town Council. After Mayor Wendell Koontz shared a quote from Theodore Roosevelt and dispensed with old business, he said his farewells to the council. He thanked the trustees and staff for all their hard work. Outgoing trustee Lindee Cantrell presented Koontz with a pan of brownies, since they were always his favorite. When he removed the aluminum foil from the baking dish, he realized an empty pan with just some crumbs. After hearty laughs, Cantrell presented the Mayor with a full container of her delicious brownies. On behalf of the town, Town Clerk Marlene Searle presented Mayor Koontz with the key to the city. Both Cantrell and trustee Tom Wills received their going away plaques that honored their service to the town.

After cake and refreshments, Deputy Town Clerk Ginger Redden swore in the new members of the council, Mayor Larry Wilkening, returning trustees Mary Hockenbery and Pat Medina, and newly elected trustees Esther Koontz and Sheila Maki. Maki will serve a two-year term, while the rest will serve four-year terms. The town council is rounded out by trustees James Roberts and John Marta.

Mayor Wilkening appointed Marlene Searle as town clerk, Bo Nerlin as town attorney, Lynn French as municipal judge and Mary Hockenbery as mayor pro-tem. Additionally, the mayor appointed Sheila Maki to the Hotchkiss Planning Commission. Trustees nominated and approved Esther Koontz to serve on the planning commission as well.

Marshal Dan Miller introduced a new deputy, Erik McArtor.

Public Works Director Mike Owens introduced new staff member, Terry Holybee.